Japanese Anime for America

Thirty years ago, there was not a great deal of Anime shows available to kids or to adults for that matter, at least in America. Today, it is all over the place and it is really a dream come true. For many, it all started with a cool cartoon called Voltron and that was a big hit among the kids.

Being the Heroes

Granted, there was more Anime available aside from Voltron but since it was a big hit, all the boys had to have the toys and they would play like they were the heroes of the show. It was actually a very big deal to have all five lions to make up the big robot known as Voltron at the time, one of the first Mechas.

It was not known at the time that this was just the dawn of a much more extreme wave that was soon to hit the American youth in a major way. For many, it was a cartoon with interesting art and some brilliant action, all set in a fantastic world of technology and color.

Growing Up

As years passed, Anime began to present itself in a number of different ways. One of the most intriguing shows to come along was a short cartoon called Aeon Flux. If you remember, that was controversial at the time and it was only shown on late night television in the hopes that the kids would not peek.

Oh, but the kids did peek and the show inspired young artists and would be geeks all around. In 1988, Akira was released and that was a major boom that truly shifted the way anime was understood and viewed in the United States.

Getting it in English

As soon as Akira took hold and new Anime fans were sprouting all over America because of it, the doors were opened for a slew of Anime shows to flood the market. The movies and the television shows became highly sought after, particularly by those with geek type propensities.

There was always a controversy about getting subtitled or dubbed shows and movies. Usually, the dubbing was on the cheesy side, or so it seemed. The subtitles were hard to follow at first but those who were really into the scene got rather used to it and favored the original voices.

However, it was at that time that it became clear to Anime producers that it would be wise to have good English dubbing considering the booming popularity of Anime in the West. Fortunately, the better dubs began to happen.

Where it is Today

Now, Anime fans are rather pleased that all they have to do to find new shows to watch or even to find the classics is to get online. If it is not at Netflix or coming on Hulu, there are a million different Anime sites to join, all of them offering some great flicks and shows to enjoy.

There is so much Japanese Anime in America now, it is a dream come true.