American Adults Love Anime

Anime, the Japanese style of animation, has taken America by storm in the last two decades. Actually, it started well before that. It is just that, in recent years with technology so advanced and media so readily available across borders, it has become a super hit among adults.

What Anime Is

It is important to note that the Anime genre is not only about the cartoons. Anime is actually a more sophisticated, stylized type of cartoon that deals with mature and explicit themes. It is intended for mature audiences with some exceptions. Often, it is highly exaggerated but it is always intense.

To the Japanese, all animation is Anime. To Americans, the term refers specifically to the Japanese films and television shows that follow the genre. The comic book version, known as manga, is often the inspiration for many of the animated shows to be created.


A Bit of History

Animation in Japan began back in 1917, just over a hundred years ago. However, it is surprising to learn that it is mostly the animation techniques of other countries that influenced Japanese animation. They played around with various techniques from German to French and Russian as well as American.

No matter what, the style of animation caught on fast and it was in the 1930s that animation was widely accepted in Japan as a good format for storytelling. The Japanese government used animation for a variety of public campaigns and they used it for propaganda as well.

Now, in Japan, you can find Anime images on many signs and billboards in order to express messages of various kinds. You will see warning faces of danger and smiling faces to welcome people.

The Age of Pokemon

Two of the most popular characters in Anime are Pokemon and Astroboy. There are kids all over Japan and now the rest of the world that see everything as Pokemon (pocket monster). This sensation swept the world but has had major influence in the United States and Europe.

There are quite a number of digital games based on Pokemon and the cartoons are still going strong. This was, perhaps, the biggest wave of Anime popularity in America.

Anime Today

Anime has presented a profound taste of Japanese culture to the world as a whole. It is obvious that it is a clear example of Japanese creativity and their love of play. The characters are drawn in such unique and delightful manners and the stories are always colorful with universal themes.

The presentations of Anime are always a delight to watch, loaded with action and always entertaining. It could be that Anime has a tendency to remind people of their own childhood that it has so much power and it has gained such incredible popularity.

Though there may not be some of the fantastic scenarios or any of the robotic Mechas that come from Anime to fight the battles of life for people, Anime is a great way to have the fantasy alive. Without a doubt, this classy style of animation will live on.